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Landing Pages that Convert

If you click on any Google ad, banner ad or link in a company email, you’ll be taken to what is called a Landing Page. These pages are designed to convert visitors into customers or at least capture some information to nurture people to being a customer in the future.

Unfortunately, so many companies do a terrible job with their landing pages. So let’s look at a few out there and see what they do well and how they can do better.

LabTech Software Landing Page

LabTech Software makes a lot of different tools for the IT world. Here is a version of the Google Ad and Landing Page that I found. The Ad and the Landing Page were a great match and tied together perfectly. The Landing Page was a standard single page conversion form. It could use a little help, but had a lot of the necessary parts.


LabTech Software Landing Page

 GFI Software Landing Page

GFI is another IT software provider that competes in a similar space to LabTech. Overall, they have a clean Landing Page that is asking people to sign up for a demo.

Something that would help out this page is a video showing what the product is even like. If I am a new visitor, why would I sign up and actually do a demo (unless I have researched them already)?

Their Google Ad doesn’t quite match perfectly with the Landing Page, but it is really hard cramming what you want to say into those tiny little Ads. They do include Google’s Offer feature which is a nice additional conversion point.


GFI Software Landing Page

Ion Interactive Landing Page

Ion Interactive is one of my favorite tools for creating landing pages and I always enjoy what they do with their own landing pages. So I was a little surprised to encounter this one for a guide that they’ve published on using their tool for Landing Pages. Being the reading skimmer that I am, I thought I was going to get a Guide on how to create good Landing Pages, but it turned out it was more about using their tool. Even though I know if I had read closer, I would have known better, but still felt a little tricked. Additionally, the Landing Page was missing a number of things I know work well.


Ion Interactive Landing Page

Love Your Landing Pages?

These are very standard Landing Pages. There are lots of different types that work great for their particular audience. Remember to always test what works better for your customers.

If you know of some great Landing Pages out there or would like a quick review, I’d love to see them and would be happy to do a quick review on their convertibility and places for improvement.

John Paul Mains

John Paul Mains is the Chief Marketing Scientist at Click Laboratory. He loves all things digital, but especially SEO and analytics. If you're interested in learning more, his LinkedIn profile is

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