Increase Conversion Rates with Button Optimization

Button Advancement is one of the easiest, safest and fastest ways to improve form conversion and click through rates. It has an instant impact on your website conversion rate and it is one of the easiest steps you can use to convince the executive team to embrace regular testing.

Convert ButtonHow to Increase Conversions By 10-30% Immediately

If you’re like me, I find it frustrating to watch so much traffic coming to a website, but never turning into a possible lead. You create wonderful content. You pour your heart into the content, but they still don’t turn into customers.

If you have a lot of visitors coming to your site, but they aren’t converting, it’s either because they are the wrong type of visitor or there is a problem with your website’s conversion action.

As a business and even a non-profit, we want more visitors to convert! This is the main purpose of having a website.

Website managers and owners are measured on our ability to drive an ever increasing number of leads to the sales teams. If you’ve never embraced testing your designs, the time to start is now. Button Advancement is one of the simplest places to start to understand A/B testing and sell the executive decision makers to invest more in conversion rate optimization.

Optimizing Your Buttons

There are two types of buttons that can be optimized.

Click through Buttons – used as a call to action for people to click on to get them to take an action you want, usually to a form.

Form Buttons – used by visitors to submit a form for whatever reason

So what are some things you can change on buttons?

  1. Color changes – grab their attention with a contrasting button to the rest of your colors. It should be easy to see and not blend I with everything else. A button may be obvious to you, but lost to others.
  2. Text changes – size, sense of urgency, relevant, truthful, soften, title casing,
  3. Adding icons – some buttons can have icons as simple as an arrow to convert visually what you want the person to do.
  4. Button size – the size of your button can impact conversions by simply being more visible and obvious
  5. Two lines of text – usually there is only one line of text in a button, but. A second smaller line can enhance the primary message.
  6. Graphic treatment– it should look like a button of course. Don’t go crazy, but think about adding a gradient, shadow or similar treatment as long as it doesn’t make the text hard to read
  7. Button position – the position of a button on a page will impact the number of conversions. If possible, change its position unless it is associated with a form.
  8. Hover Effect – test changing what your button looks like when the mouse hovers over it. The color can change, the font can change or any number of other actions. Just don’t change the readability of the text.
Good example of a well designed button

Great example of a well designed button from

Get Started with Button Optimization

Now that you have some ideas to use for your Button Advancement project, get out there and try something new using an A/B test. Google Optimizer is a free tool you can easily use to test it out by simply copying a script into your page. It may surprise you just how much it does affect your conversion rate.

Let me know what it does for you!

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