SEO 101: Meta Keywords

By February 21, 2013SEO

META Keywords  is a header tag embedded in a web page that identifies primary keywords on a page.  This tag is embedded in the <head> portion of your HTML and may look like:

<meta name=”Keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2, keyword3″ />

You can’t see this tag unless you take a peek in the source code of the page.  META Keywords were one of the main ranking factors that search engines used to identify what was important on a page.  But unfortunately, once the SEM industry caught on to how well it worked, it was abused.  The search engines also improved their algorithms to determine what was important on a page.  Today, you can ignore META Keywords as they have no bearing on your website.  Most every site still have META Keywords on their sites, but they are rarely optimized and are merely hangover legacy information that has no impact on your SEO efforts.

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