Sometimes organizations just need advice on developing a digital marketing strategy and at other times they need it built for them.

Setting your digital course against a plan which incorporates your digital vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives is key to success.  Getting the website, mobile, social communications, SEO, content marketing and advertising in order maximize the business benefits that digital initiatives will deliver.

Getting under the hood of the digital marketing strategy

Building out a strategy involves a number of steps:

Internal Goals

Conducting interviews with your key stakeholders and senior business managers helps identify and understand their personal and organizational motives and goals. This is paramount in building out the digital strategy and gaining buy-in and ownership while working towards a common digital goal.

Marketing and System Infrastructure Review

Capturing, measuring and learning from your current marketing efforts is vital.  Knowing that your organizations infrastructure works in tandem with the strategy is critical. What would a resounding success do to your organizations processes?  Will they cope or fail? What are the single points of failure, how will they be bridged?

Business Objectives

Plans, sales, product data and e-commerce results should be reviewed together with the over-arching business objectives.  This will ensure that your digital strategy is aligned with larger business goals. Digging deep for documentation that exists within the organization highlights discrepancies, gaps and eliminates surprises later on.

Customer Feedback and Online Digital Footprint

Working with your existing customers provides an insight into the profile and demographics of your potential new customers. Analyzing how customers use technology and how tech savvy they are is an important part of your digital strategy.  This critical information uncovers their preferred channels, behavior and purchasing intentions. Armed with this information and fed into your digital strategy, will help you build out a well-defined channel targets and customer segments and increase your overall success.

Competitive Research

Analyzing your competitors digital and business strategies helps you to understand which digital channels are working for them. This will enable you to build out richer and fuller digital campaigns that out-pace your competitors.

Once the above information from primary and secondary sources is gathered and analyzed a full digital strategy a plan may be documented.

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