Attracting more quality visitors means more leads and more customers.

Like any organization, we want more visitor traffic to our websites. Not just any visitor but visitors who will buy what you are selling, will subscribe to your email list or sign up for your cause. To attract and retain an audience, you have to know what their needs are and create content and conversations to meet those needs. You have to go to your audience using the channels they use. This ever growing list includes SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Mobile, Email, Video, Banners, Press Releases and Social Media.  Every organization will have to use these marketing channels differently as they are unique for every audience.

Search Engine Optimization (Local and Global)

The number one tactic most companies are using right now is search engine optimization or SEO. This type of service is extremely common among most web agencies. It is a recurring revenue stream for most agencies and they sell it as an add on service to web design projects to build their monthly revenues. Check out our case study for Schoeman where we increased organic Google search traffic by 420% using good SEO tactics.

But truthfully, good SEO is primarily reliant on just four things, all of which are under your control.

  1. Great Content.  Not just good, but great. Having strong content, relevant to your visitors, aligned with your products and services, that is actually useful, is key to a great site. This content needs to be related to each other and linked together appropriately. This way both visitors and search engines have a better understanding of what you are offering.
  2. Good Site Structure and Markup. Your site should look like a tree. It should flow logically from large topics into more detailed information. Additionally, the content should follow the rules set forth by Google for strong indexing in their database.
  3. Good Incoming Links.  Just having great content though is part of the equation. If people (and search engines) don’t know it exists, they won’t come. We work with you to identify bloggers, analysts and online directories to link to your content so that it is discovered.
  4. Content Marketing. The big buzz these days in digital or online marketing is the practice of content marketing.  There is simply so much noise from competitors and sometimes even the search engines we use, that it is hard for any small company to compete with the six figure monthly budgets that larger companies have at their disposal. Marketing the great content you put together depends on how strong your social media presence is, your relationship with industry bloggers, the press and analysts. It can be a lot of work, but even smaller companies can do it effectively.

Search Engine Marketing

You either have to earn visitor traffic or you have to buy it. Earning traffic (SEO) can take a good bit of time. When you want to quickly get in front of your audience, Search Engine Marketing (PPC) is your fastest way.

Marketing Automation

Being able to reach out to your entire audience and deliver customized messaging while delivering only sales ready leads to the sales team is a lot of work. Marketing Automation can help deliver campaigns, score visitors, personalize emails and deliver leads to sales teams that are of the highest quality.  Email Marketing is still one of the primary and most effective digital marketing tools in any companies belt but for it to be effective, you have to know how to segment your audience and deliver just the content they want at just the right time.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has dramatically changed how customers interact with us and with each other. We are no longer able to simply blast a message at people and hope they buy our products. Whether you are B2B, B2C or Ecommerce, you have to be able to engage with your audience in real time, even when they are not speaking directly to you but with their peers about you.  Companies still have a great deal of influence as to how fans and anti-fans communicate with their audience.

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