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Meet the Click Team

Work With Our Team. We Have Over 1 Million Years
of Experience Working Remotely.

OK, maybe not a million, but we’ve been here since 2013 and through 2020 (which is like a million years).

Click started by a Google marketing leader in 2013.  The team behind the curtain has a wide array of digital marketing, web programming, app development, interface design, graphic design, direct marketing, social media, email marketing and pay per click management, and so on and so on and so on.  We’ve worked across a whole bunch of industries (big software, marketing agencies, education, non-profit, and ministries) in B2B and B2C.  But what really matters to you of course is … can we drive results?  Yep, just read some of the case studies.


Work With a Team That Wants to See Your Business Grow

We realized one day that there was simply a better way to help companies and non-profits compete online in a more cost-effective way. Over time, we’ve also realized that most of us have spent a lot of our time working with customers that were very “challenging”. This caused a lot of burnout and it hurt our other relationships in and outside of work. So now we only take on projects we know we can help and enjoy helping.

The Click Team

John Paul Mains
Chief Scientist

John Paul Mains

When you take the guesswork out of marketing, and you communicate effectively, growth is... inevitable.

Has spent the last 25 years as a digital marketing and technology leader for companies like Google, BMC Software and AT&T as well as small software start-ups and web agencies. John Paul brings a wide range of industry experience in B2B, e-commerce and technology best practices. He started out as a developer back in 1994 when the web was delivered over 14.4K modems and websites were really ugly.

These days, John Paul is changing perceptions on how to take the guesswork out of user experience and digital marketing through engagement analytics. He writes for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land on conversion and engagement optimization. When not behind his computer, he’s playing with his three daughters, taking his wife on dates and occasionally catching a fish from a kayak on the Tampa Bay.

Jared Ramey
Creative Director

Jared Ramey

Jared is the creative genius behind the graphical storytelling of our customers.

Jared Ramey is a veteran user experience and graphic designer from Little Rock, Arkansas. He has 18 years of design experience, filling roles as Art Director and Creative Director at different web design firms. He has experience in all forms of design, from UI to branding and print material, including layout work for magazines and periodicals.

He adjusts to current ideas and trends, and he takes his designs seriously. He enjoys a challenge and is a details kind of person. He has extensive experience working with different types of clients, including tourism, retail, medical, and educational fields. Some of the larger tourism clients he has worked with include the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, New Mexico and South Carolina as well as larger cities such as Little Rock, Atlantic City, Long Island, and Albuquerque.

In his off time he enjoys spending time with his wife Sylvia and their two Boston Terriers, MacGregor and Finnigan.

Frontend Web Developer

Dmitry Bodarenko

Smart design, intelligent code and great customer experience. All in one package.

Dmitry started out programming in C/C++ and Assembly. He has a strong understanding of low-level programming language and how they impact modern computer languages. Dmitry now works on mobile application and web development for our amazing customers. Like everyone on our team, he always focuses on creating clean, well-documented, well-structured coding for front-end user experiences.

Dmitry is very passionate about cooking, reading, and of course music.

Content Developer

Perry Perkins

Perry P. Perkins is freelance writer, book coach, copyeditor, and blogger with 35+ years of writing experience. He specializes in corporate bios, company profiles, tech copy, and digital marketing for Fortune 500 companies including Sears, Xerox, WooCommerce, WordPress, and

Perry lives in the Midwest with his wife Victoria and their daughter Grace.

Senior Social Media Ad Manager

Enrique Aguado

Digital marketer with 11 years of experience in Paid Media, Social Media and Email Marketing developing corporate and institutional brand communication with agencies and media. Data-driven oriented with experience managing budgets up to 50K per month. I am a digital editor & storyteller communicator able to manage teams and develop written and visual content with proven results. Active and creative blogger, an expert in digital tools.
Code Hacker

Brandon Hoult

Coder, hacker, problem solver and all around great guy.

Brandon has been programming since he first got a Commodore 64 as a Christmas present in 5th grade. Now after 14 languages on everything from 8-bit PC’s and mainframes to the current cloud infrastructure, he focuses on open-source environments, Linux servers, and web-centric languages. He is a full stack ruby on rails developer since before Rails 1.0, and also uses javascript and node.js extensively.

Apart from programming he also maintains databases, servers, and websites with a focus on automating routine tasks. Currently, he is learning embedded programming and 3d modeling & printing.

Hobbies include travel, long-distance hiking, gardening, cooking and an ongoing attempt at a minimalistic lifestyle.

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