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Using Digital Analytics

Understand how your visitors engage
with your websites, apps and social media.

Understanding your audience and their behaviors is the key to success in all marketing. Without understanding how people react to your brand and messaging, anything you do is purely guesswork. Fortunately, there are many tools for measuring how people respond to every digital campaign.

Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing

Everything is measurable online. Even offline is becoming increasingly measurable because it drives traffic online. Adaptive Web Design is based on the idea of being able to measure everything in order to constantly improve. Metrics is the core foundation for this process. Beyond just typical web analytics, there are many more tactics we use to measure visitor sentiment and behaviors.

  • User and Sentiment Surveys. Surveys by themselves can glean a lot of information if they are conducted correctly and the right questions are asked. We are also able to conduct surveys about a website and record video while visitors go through your website. We can then use facial cues to interpret visitor sentiment while taking your surveys. This information can dramatically enhance the typical survey data collected.
  • Heatmaps and Mouse Movement.  Just capturing a heatmap of where people click is extremely useful, but capturing actual mouse movements as a person moves through a website and interacts with your pages reveals problems with the user experience that you can’t capture in just a heatmap.
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing. We try and always use regular testing to improve everything based on desired goals and visitor analytics. Testing can reveal user preferences you never thought existed until you start trying new things.
  • Goal Tracking. Whether your goals are trying to get someone to read a page, buy a product or fill out a form, understanding your goals and the steps leading to those goals will define the paths visitors take toward those goals. We track the goals and the paths people take to those goals so we can identify where possible roadblocks exists and increase conversion rates.
  • Social Monitoring. People will talk about your brand and the experience they have with your services, products and staff. You have to track these conversations in social media to be able to either respond with help or thanks for any praise you receive.

Get Started with User Analytics

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