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Improving E-Commerce Conversions With A/B Testing


Improving Online Sales

SBT, one of the largest jet ski parts providers in the world but their site at the time had become outdated and difficult to use.  With such a large catalog of products, creating an experience for casual shoppers and business channels seemed like a large and complicated endeavor.


Don’t Make Visitors Think (or work too hard)

The objective for SBT was to improve conversion rates by improving the user experience for visitors.  They had great content, great products, but the site UX was in the way.

You have to lead visitors to solving what they came for in the first place and make it really obvious how they should get there.  We needed to simplify the experience without breaking the bank on a total site redesign.  That’s where a/b testing came in handy.

Starting with heatmaps and user recording, the SBT was able to observe where the shopping experience might be broken.  There were way too many steps that were required to actually check out.  So using A/B testing, the SBT was able to identify how changes in the user experience would impact conversion rates..

They recognized the need to simplify how people find products and streamlined the search experience and shopping cart to get shoppers (especially regulars) what they want faster.

Jet Ski Engine Engines Cranks SBT Jetski Engines Parts Accessories

As the cart and checkout experience were improving, they turned their attention to SEO and improved their product descriptions and the HTML structure which impacted their organic rankings.

This combination of improvements to content and UX drove a YOY growth in transactions for organic visitors that had a great boost to their e-commerce conversion rate.

Ecommerce Overview Google Analytics

You can read about this in greater detail in our post on 4 things to improve your SEO conversions.

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