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Retail and Store Front Analytics

Understand who your local online and offline customers are, and identify your best potential consumer markets and locations.

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Market Opportunity

Do you know where the opportunities are in your local market? Who are you reaching, who are you missing? Our Market Opportunity analysis and audit will provide you the insights you need to understand the local customer profiles, what their buying habits and interests are and how to reach this audience.


Customer Audit

How well do you know your customers? To become more engaging and build stark raving fans, you need to know who they are and how to reach them. Our Customer Audit gives you the information you need to get a clearer picture on the personas/mosaics of your current customer base to take the guesswork out of how to communicate.


Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers for a storefront is a constant exercise whether you are the corner store or a well know regional brand.  New people move into the area all the time and customer loyalty is always switching. Knowing who these people are and how to reach them will give your store or franchise the ability to grow beyond your regional competitors.

Take the guesswork out of local marketing. Make the decisions that drive results.


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