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Increase Sales and Leads
with paid advertising.

Remove the guesswork with your paid ad spend
to increase your conversions.

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Google Ecommerce: 12.8 ROAS

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Appointment Conversions: 6.37%

Google Ecommerce: 6.89 ROAS

If you’re spending money on Google Adwords, social ads or an a mobile ad network to drive traffic, you probably feel like you could be doing better, but just don’t know-how. You keep throwing more money at it, but your lead quality and lead volume just isn’t there.

Any digital agency with half a brain can run search engine marketing, such as Google Adwords, for their customers. The problem is that in many cases they only use half their brain. They know how to set it up, how to find keywords and create some ads. Some agencies know how to change up those ads to get better click-through rates and improve quality scores.  But unfortunately, that is where they stop. You’d be surprised just how many agencies outsource to some white-label, offshore firm to keep their costs low and customers happy. But the problem is, you’re not happy. If you are tired of throwing money at something you know should work better, you are right.

We leverage all advertising platforms
to reach and convert your customers.

Google Ads

Whether it is Google Search, Display, Remarketing or Intent campaigns, Google is a necessary platform to reach customers at just the right time. Leverage it in conjunction with the other platforms and video advertising.

Social Platforms

Utilize the right social platforms to reach the right audience.  Different groups live different places online. Be sure to leverage the power of Ad Nurturing to increase the effectiveness of your spend.

Mobile Networks

Google and Social ads only reach a 1/3 of your potential audience. Mobile networks have the power of geofencing to deliver just the right at, at the right place at the right time. Combine these with Google and Social to meet customers where they are.

Take The Guesswork Out of SEM

Digital advertising should not be guesswork. Sure, when you first startup brand new, there may be a learning curve to find out what works. But unless you are an industry that has never existed before, you can take a peek at your competitors and know what may be working for them.

SEM is a numbers game. You find out what your prospects and customers are most interested in, then supply it to them. You can absolutely know what ads work best, with the right keywords (and negative keywords) that drive the most clicks. Here is the tricky part. Your goal isn’t to get the most clicks. Your goal is to get the most quality conversions relative to the type of campaign you are running. It is easy to generate a lot of clicks really fast, but if they don’t convert (buy something or fill out a form) then your money is wasted. Don’t waste money!

You must track analytics all the way through the conversion.  When you do that, then you really know what the best keywords and ads are for gaining new customers.

How Do We Do Increase SEM Conversions?

When we work with customers that want help with digital advertising, we will analyze what you have now to see what is working.  Not just in SEM but also organic, social and direct traffic. We want to know what your growth goals are and what drives conversions and how visitors convert. Then we begin work creating landing pages dedicated to your campaign. Rarely is a homepage or a product page a good conversion page. We want something that is closely tied to the ad itself and what you are offering.

After everything is running, we continue to optimize the ad campaign, introduce negative keywords, test the ad copy, all your standard stuff. That just helps you get more clicks through. We want more sales and conversions.  So the real power of what we do comes in on the landing page itself. We test things like messaging, layout, design, amount of copy on mobile and desktop. We have found that some ads will deliver higher clicks but lower conversions. We want what will drive the most conversions and will adjust the campaign to do that.

There are lists of variables that can affect how a campaign performs including the time of year, geographic target, economic environment, time of day and so on.  We want to create flexibility to always grow but also adapt to changing conditions.  Ads can reach a ceiling where they simply can’t go higher, but you have to change things over time to avoid falling conversion rates.

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