Blending digital strategy, marketing ideas, creative design, user experience and technology, we deploy a full circle of tools that impact your customers from the first point of awareness through the full sales process.

Whether you need a new website created or an old one improved, the experience of the team goes back 20 years, across all industries from the startup to the Fortune 500. Web design is the core of all of our services. Every digital marketing service relies on the quality of our technical and creative work.

The Adaptive Web Design Advantage

Our team has worked in multiple web and marketing agencies. We’ve seen every model and process that exists. We’ve also been on the client side using web agency services and have seen the limitations of standard best practices. Click Laboratory created it’s own methodology to better meet the needs of growing businesses and organizations. Rather than creating or changing websites on what we think looks good, we build brand websites that actually work. We take the time to understand how visitors interact with a brand, with websites, with mobile applications and in social media. We take these measurements and apply what we learn to constantly improving and adapting the user experience, an experience that delivers sales leads, product fans and engagement.

Areas of Focus

Every time a visitor interacts with your brand, it can be measured. This data is used to create insight into the next step of improving. This way, you don’t have to rebuild the website every few years. We are constantly adapting the website to changing customer needs and changing technology. In other words, the website is always getting better rather than staying stagnant with a new blog entry every week or so. The website becomes a real lead generation tool.

We focus on several areas in web design.

  1. Creative Design. Does the website match the identity of the company. Not just the colors and fonts, but the personality of the team and how customers perceive you. This can be seen not just in the design of the website but in emails, banner ads, landing pages and social media hubs. Creating a consistent brand experience across all communication tools is critical.
  2. User Testing. We get to know your customers and visitors. Through analytics, surveys and feedback, a tremendous amount can be gathered about how your online brand is perceived and areas for improvement.
  3. Web Analytics. The analytics don’t lie, but they can be tricky. We dig into what is happening on the website and build hypothesis to prove or disprove through testing. Analytics show us where problem areas exist and how much they can be improved.
  4. Conversion Analytics. If you want more business, one of the first places to look is how visitors convert on your website. We study how people get to your forms or conversion actions, where people are dropping off and why so that we can make changes to increase conversion rates.
  5. Content Presentation. Using analytics and testing, we study the actual presentation of content to determine how visitors consume the information on your website and what could be changed to improve readability as well as search engine rankings.
  6. User Experience and Customer Engagement. Just because something is beautiful, doesn’t mean it is effective or useful. Using our analytics, we are constantly focused on improving the user experience to increase brand engagement and conversion volume. Design must be beautiful, effective and delivered fast.