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Tampa SEO and Web Design Agency

Located right in the heart of Tampa, Florida, our agency specializes in both Tampa SEO and innovative web design solutions. Instead of beginning from the ground up, we leverage your current online presence, optimizing and refining your SEO strategies to attract a broader Tampa audience. Our approach ensures that we enhance what’s already working for you, making it even more effective in driving local customers. While there are instances where a fresh start is necessary, we often find that a few strategic tweaks can bring about significant results, saving you the expense and hassle of a complete website overhaul.

Measuring Your Web Design Success and Failures

Understanding the highs and lows of your online performance is crucial. Without a clear insight into your website’s user engagement and interaction metrics, making any changes becomes a shot in the dark. That’s why we employ the Adaptive Web Design and Engagement Optimization technique. This method allows us to precisely gauge what’s resonating with your Tampa audience and what isn’t, guiding our decisions to ensure we’re consistently driving new leads and sales. With our Tampa SEO and web design expertise, your business is set on a path of continuous growth, eliminating the need for frequent reinventions.

Helping Tampa Companies Succeed through:

SEO FAQ – Questions about SEO

  • What is SEO and how it works?

    Basically, with SEO you are making sure the content of the page is matching what the person is looking for so that it is the most useful content they find without going to someone else’s website. There are many other factors like speed, experience, incoming links, customer reviews and page structure which go into your rankings, but the key is creating content that answers the visitor's needs.

  • What is the SEO in marketing?

    SEO stands for search engine marketing. It is a term that has been used for a long time to describe the steps someone takes to make sure their “keyword” ranks higher for their company over another company.

  • What is a SEO audit?

    An SEO audit is a review of your website to determine how it can rank for more, high quality and relevant keywords and phrases.  An audit looks at the content, site infrastructure, site speed, Web Core Vitals, and off-site factors like incoming links and social presence.  An SEO audit should provide a SEO Roadmap you can use to begin making changes to rank higher over your competitors.

  • How do you do SEO for a website?

    Start with an SEO audit. This will help you 1) fix any technical issues and 2) create a roadmap for what needs to be changed based on what people are searching for. You will want to create a content calendar that identifies all of the content you need to create, who the target audience is, and how it will be marketed.  Marketing your content is critical, otherwise, nobody, including Google, will know it's there.

  • Should you do SEO by yourself?

    You can absolutely do SEO by yourself.  You know your content. You know the keywords you rank for. If you do use an agency, they are going to be asking these questions anyway. From there, you need to determine the level of effort you are personally willing to invest in SEO.  Doing it well is a combination of both technical skills, content writing and content marketing.  There are many great companies that can help you rank higher.  Remember though, that ranking higher typically takes time and isn’t going to happen overnight. It doesn’t hurt to get some help, especially for the first part in creating an SEO audit and roadmap.

Tampa SEO Case Studies

We help our customers with a wide array of projects. We’ve helped them achieve an average of 60% improvement in form conversion rates year over year by improving their websites. Here are some sample SEO case studies from the Tampa area.

Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse

Learn how Outback launched a new major website without hurting their search engine rankings.

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Numara Software

Numara Software

Read the strategy Numara Software used to increase monthly lead generation by 300%.

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American Integrity Insurance

American Integrity Insurance

Business growth it awesome.  See how AIICFL increased their conversion rates by 130%.

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Homee on Demand

Homee on Demand

Launching a new website takes a lot of work. But with a great team like Homee, it can be done in two weeks on Hubspot.

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SEO and Web Design Client Reviews

Click Laboratory
Based on 17 reviews
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Great team of professionals who have helped me build my business over the last few years.
Response from the owner: MGB Guitars is one of the most creative businesses we have worked with. It is a joy!
I have worked with several developers over 15 years who all made promises that eventaully failed at keeping them. John Paul at Click Laboratory and his group are patient, thorough, receptive, and most of all HONEST. If he says thay can do something, they really can and will. When dealing with ClickLabs, have no fear and be confident that your project is in great hands.
We were referred to Click Laboratory probably 15 years ago. John Paul is absolutely the best. Super knowledgeable and very helpful with all aspects of the marketing for our dental practice. We have seen so much growth and amazing results from the services they have provided for our dental practice. Thank you to John Paul and Click Laboratory. You can't go wrong with using this company. If you want results with growing, choose Click Laboratory!!! Kristen Jones, COO with Smile Dailey Dental
I have been using Click as our main marketing firm/arm. What I love about the team is they have great talent, ideas, and methods. But they use them only after really listening to your needs, wants, and thoughts on where your company sits in the market. They then collaborate well to take ideas, refine them, and come out with materials and messages that make a huge impact.We have gotten compliments on our new messaging, branding, and outreach.
We have work with John Paul for several years now. They are an extremely talented digital design, content and SEO management/marketing firm.
I have worked with John Paul on multiple projects in the last few months and they have been extremely helpful. From integrating location searches to custom wordpress widgets and plugins, working with them has been a breeze. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a great programmer!
Response from the owner: Thanks Adam, very very much appreciated!
Excellent company to work with. Great communication, great ideas and most importantly great results. Would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks Cris! It has been quite an adventure so far and looking forward to serving you and your team.
Click Laboratory and John Paul's expertise and guidance to develop a new website was fantastic.
Response from the owner: Thanks Tanja! Looking forward to hearing more about product management from Tacosa 360 and learning from the best.
John Paul and the Click team take complex challenges and make them bite sized victories! An ex-Google marketing director who really knows his way around creating an online presence and targeting customers that transact vs 'tire kickers'. We doubled the business in just 6 months and the Click team was a big part of that!
Response from the owner: Thanks David! We've loved working together on your brand and hope to see lots of growth for Blessed Cup.
I've have been working with Click Laboratory for over five years. Their professionalism and responsiveness is stellar. They care about our business and act like an extension of our team. I appreciate their partnership and recommend their team to anyone that wants to grow their business.
Response from the owner: What Clean the World does is amazing and I'm honored to be part of your mission. Thank you very much!
I have worked with John Paul and other members at Click for several years now and they were instrumental in assisting our company develop, launch and strategize on a rental application for our industry. Simultaneously, JP and Click developed several websites for our companies and clients, working to improve local search rank and monitoring and analyzing our Google adwords. We are far better off today for having worked with JP and Click.
Response from the owner: Thanks March! As one of our longest customers, I have really enjoyed working with you and being entrepreneurial together.
John Paul and the team at Click Laboratories helped us optimize our web site and improve our local search rank. They worked with us on strategic planning as well as execution plus offered paid search and content marketing suggestions. John Paul and the Click Laboratories team is thorough, knowledgeable and work quickly to get your digital footprint where it needs to be!
Response from the owner: Thanks John! We love working with customers like you who are highly knowledgeable and want to see real growth happen. Pinch a Penny is awesome!
I highly recommend John Paul and the team at Click Laboratory. They are extremely modern and current with new technologies, techniques and solutions for driving growth through your web presence. The are maniacal about results and will make sure they translate into achieving your business objectives. Very strategic thinkers who can drive the tactics to get there.
Response from the owner: Thank you sir! Love working with you.
Brilliant to work with. Understands global markets, particularly Europe. Love working with these guys, their depth of knowledge, speed to implementation is outstanding. I have worked with a lot of agencies in the past 30 years, these are my absolute go-to team for quality, market understanding and turnaround times. I cannot rate these guys enough!
John Paul at Optimization Labs is extremely talented and easy to work alongside. He makes optimization of web traffic an easy hurdle. I would highly recommend him.
Optimization Labs (with John Paul Mains) excels at helping your website convert. Want more money? Then you need John Paul!
John Paul Mains understands how to help people get better results from their websites through conversion optimization. If you're wondering why you're site is getting visitors but few sales/subscribers John Paul can figure it out and make the changes necessary to convert those visitors into customers/subscribers.
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