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Improving search engine results is more than just building content. More content does not equal more traffic. Strong content, well promoted, drives traffic.

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If you’re like many of our customers, you want to rank better in search results, especially Google, to drive more customers. Everyone does!

Having a high ranking for primary keywords equals more traffic and customers.

Getting high keyword rankings in search engines is about creating quality content, targeted at the right audience, that helps your audience solve their problem.  Top search engine rankings for your branded keywords is easy.  But unless you’re a household name, then people probably aren’t searching for your company or product by name.  Even top brands that are household names often rank very poorly for non-branded terms.

Ranking for non-brand terms is your goal for search engines whether you are targeting local or national customers.  As we well know, people have ditched yellow page advertising because visitors are looking for companies online and with their mobile devices.
The search engines provide local results and national results when they feel it is appropriate.  So if you want your business or organization to be visible to people who haven’t heard of you or just want to look up your phone number, having good rankings in search engines is critical.

So what are some of the keys to great SEO?

  1. Content that influencers in your industry want.
  2. Create content that is relevant to the goals of your site, not your keywords.
  3. Create content that helps your audience solve a problem and is interesting.
  4. It is easily shareable to social media.
  5. Good performance for desktop and mobile devices.
  6. A great user experience that is well structured and a speedy delivery of content.
  7. Well promoted to the right places so that even if Google stopped working, you’d still have plenty of referral traffic.
  8. Long content tends to rank better than short content.
  9. Create reusable with your other content that you can use in multiple places.
  10. Even though it is focused, there should be variation in the type of content you publish (layout, purpose, media, target audience).

Tip: Regular audits of your site, organic traffic performance and target keyword visibility is critical to know how your site is performing and what steps may need to be taken to improve.  Search engines are always updating their search signals and as a business, we need to be able to respond to those changes as they occur.

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