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Clean the World

SEO Research From The Lab


How to rank high for keywords on Google in 2022. Winning the war against big competitors.

If you're reading this, you want to rank higher on Google.  You've signed up on SEMRush for tracking your keywords, you've done link building, you've tried writing blog posts weekly, you've tried to make your content "go viral" but you're still on page 2 or 3 for your targeted keywords.…

The Importance of Great Cornerstone Content

So, I am not a fan of Google. I wouldn't call it a love/hate relationship, but more of just an overall frustration with how Google has evolved over the years. For the vast majority of customers that I work with on SEO, they've had to rethink what it is they are…
Landing Page Optimization

4 Steps to Convert SEO Visitors Into Customers

Today, I’m going to talk about combining two of my favorite topics, SEO and conversion optimization, to drive more online sales. We all know that simply building a website isn’t enough. You have to drive traffic to your site and ranking well in search engines is a big part of…
How to Estimate SEO Potential for Your Local Store
Google Experience Optimization
What is Google Experience Optimization?
SEO Tools
The Big List of SEO Tools
Generating More Business Reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook
Landing Page Optimization
Google RankBrain and Why It Is Important for SEO
3 Cheat Codes to Top Search Engine Rankings

Improving B2B and Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Rates

Ecommerce Shopping CRO

Get to Know Your Customer to Increase E-Commerce Sales Conversion Rate

The secret to having a successful e-commerce business is all in the numbers. I know, I've been helping businesses like Outback and online retailers figure out their e-commerce cart funnels for over 20 years. The number of sales, conversion rates, the average order value, the number of returning buyers, the…
Coke vs Pepsi

Coke vs Pepsi: Which Website is Better at Converting Customers?

Getting sales is tough for everyone. Even the really big companies out there. They have lots of great resources for doing continuous testing to see what improves sales. So we are putting Pepsi and Coke websites Head-to-Head so we can uncover some of their strategies for your use. So I…
The Grunt Test for Conversions
content marketing

How to Use The Grunt Test to Increase Conversions

You've got a snazzy website with all the bells and whistles money can buy. It's pretty to look at and a nice conversation starter at networking events, but it can't do the one thing you really, really want it to do. SELL. And it's driving you nuts why it won't.…
Head 2 Head: McDonald’s vs Burger King’s Websites
Ad Nurturing
Use Ad Nurturing to Drive More Conversions with Your Ad Budget
10 Strategies to Begin Converting Visitors into Customers
How to Write Compelling Call-to-Actions that Drive People to Click
How Typography Can Negatively Affect Your Conversion Rates
5 Traits of Compelling Headlines that Boost Conversion

Our customers want the best advice, analytics, and support with marketing.

We deliver.

JP Mains, CEO

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Customer Testimonials

I've have been working with Click Laboratory for over five years. Their professionalism and responsiveness is stellar. They care about our business and act like an extension of our team.

Sandra BeuchampVP Marketing - Clean the World

Excellent company to work with. Great communication, great ideas and most importantly great results.

Cris CoffeyProduct Leader for BMC Track-It!

Their adaptive web design approach proved to be extremely effective both from a results perspective and a cost perspective. The traditional website overhaul every two years is a thing of the past.

John MachonisVP Marketing | Numara Software

I've worked with JP and his team for almost two years now and I find JP to be extremely knowledgeable in his field, responsive to all client requests in a timely manner and above all else, someone who is ethical and always striving to produce the utmost success for his clients.

March ChaseSoutheast Management

Click Laboratory delivered a clear assessment of our website performance, recommended a plan of action, and then worked with us to execute the plan. The approach was all delivered in layman's terms, making it easy for the entire team to understand the actions that were required in order to improve results. SEO marketing is complex and the no-nonsense approach enabled us to realize improvements immediately.

Tanya WhiteVP of Marketing, Innography
Based on 17 reviews
Great articles that provide good insights on how to improve your SEO, etc.! John is an excellent teacher!
John Paul has been our person here at Click Laboratory for some time now. They go above and beyond are extremely talented in digital design, content and SEO management/marketing. If you're looking for a little help in growing your business, this the way to go! Click Laboratory Rocks!
I have been using Click as our main marketing firm/arm. What I love about the team is they have great talent, ideas, and methods. But they use them only after really listening to your needs, wants, and thoughts on where your company sits in the market. They then collaborate well to take ideas, refine them, and come out with materials and messages that make a huge impact.We have gotten compliments on our new messaging, branding, and outreach.
We have work with John Paul for several years now. They are an extremely talented digital design, content and SEO management/marketing firm.
Great team of professionals who have helped me build my business over the last few years.
I have worked with John Paul on multiple projects in the last few months and they have been extremely helpful. From integrating location searches to custom wordpress widgets and plugins, working with them has been a breeze. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a great programmer!
Excellent company to work with. Great communication, great ideas and most importantly great results. Would highly recommend.
Click Laboratory and John Paul's expertise and guidance to develop a new website was fantastic.
John Paul and the Click team take complex challenges and make them bite sized victories! An ex-Google marketing director who really knows his way around creating an online presence and targeting customers that transact vs 'tire kickers'. We doubled the business in just 6 months and the Click team was a big part of that!
I've have been working with Click Laboratory for over five years. Their professionalism and responsiveness is stellar. They care about our business and act like an extension of our team. I appreciate their partnership and recommend their team to anyone that wants to grow their business.
I have worked with John Paul and other members at Click for several years now and they were instrumental in assisting our company develop, launch and strategize on a rental application for our industry. Simultaneously, JP and Click developed several websites for our companies and clients, working to improve local search rank and monitoring and analyzing our Google adwords. We are far better off today for having worked with JP and Click.
John Paul and the team at Click Laboratories helped us optimize our web site and improve our local search rank. They worked with us on strategic planning as well as execution plus offered paid search and content marketing suggestions. John Paul and the Click Laboratories team is thorough, knowledgeable and work quickly to get your digital footprint where it needs to be!
I highly recommend John Paul and the team at Click Laboratory. They are extremely modern and current with new technologies, techniques and solutions for driving growth through your web presence. The are maniacal about results and will make sure they translate into achieving your business objectives. Very strategic thinkers who can drive the tactics to get there.
Brilliant to work with. Understands global markets, particularly Europe. Love working with these guys, their depth of knowledge, speed to implementation is outstanding. I have worked with a lot of agencies in the past 30 years, these are my absolute go-to team for quality, market understanding and turnaround times. I cannot rate these guys enough!
John Paul at Optimization Labs is extremely talented and easy to work alongside. He makes optimization of web traffic an easy hurdle. I would highly recommend him.
Optimization Labs (with John Paul Mains) excels at helping your website convert. Want more money? Then you need John Paul!
John Paul Mains understands how to help people get better results from their websites through conversion optimization. If you're wondering why you're site is getting visitors but few sales/subscribers John Paul can figure it out and make the changes necessary to convert those visitors into customers/subscribers.

PN Medical

160% Improvement in Form Conversion Rates

CRO Case Study

Outback Steakhouse

20% Improvement in Organic Traffic

SEO Case Study


550% Growth in Organic Traffic

SEO Case Study

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