Take the Guesswork out of Online Marketing to

  • Grow your ministry.
  • Engage your followers.
  • Increase donor activity.

We take the Guesswork out of Ministry Marketing

Christian ministries come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some constants shared among all.  These include a passion for sharing the Gospel, increasing the education of followers and enabling them to take action, and increasing donor engagement. The Click team works with many ministries to help solve these problems and take the guesswork out of growing your ministry.


Being able to tell a compelling story about the organization and its impact on lives creates interest and engages the audience. We want to pull people into the story to make them feel a shared passion.


Telling a great story is critical for building awareness. People love sharing stories. We engage our own extensive contacts, social media and influencers to build greater awareness locally, regionally and worldwide.


Once a person is engaged in the story, getting them to take action, whether it is attending an event, donating, sharing the Gospel or even accepting Christ, is the focus goal which we focus on improving.


This is where we take the guesswork out. We monitor all campaigns and changes to see what does a better job at driving growth. By measuring how people interact with your story and your content, regardless of device, we know how to improve.

Tell your story.
When you tell a story, every audience is different. Everyone’s walk has been unique. You can’t beat people over the head, but you have to engage them in your story and how Christ is using your ministry and how He can work in their life.
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Meet the Team


Nathan Elson

Growth Catalyst

Pete Heiniger

Chief Revenue Officer

Jon Wise

Story Teller

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Thank you for not only giving us your talent, but being so enjoyable to work with.

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