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Research and Insights on Digital Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Growth Hacking and SEO


Community College Strategies for Competing with For-Profits

Has anyone seen the latest University of Phoenix UoP commercials?  What is the message?  Get an education at UoP - our graduates are executives in business and we have business partners to help you get to where you want to be.  Colleges like Strayer University, Grand Canyon University are now…
Jeff Roth
May 29, 2014
Building Homepages that Convert adaptive-web-designWeb Strategy

Building Homepages that Convert

Homepage Changes You Can Make To Increase Conversions If your homepage isn't converting visitors into customers, you are missing out on possible sales. Your homepage is probably the most visited page on your website. For the majority of websites, it typically receives more than 50% of all visitor traffic compared…
John Paul Mains
May 5, 2014

Landing Pages that Convert

If you click on any Google ad, banner ad or link in a company email, you'll be taken to what is called a Landing Page. These pages are designed to convert visitors into customers or at least capture some information to nurture people to being a customer in the future.…
John Paul Mains
September 27, 2013

YouEye – Agile User Research

I recently had the honor of testing out a really interesting service called YouEye for gathering visitor feedback of your website and application. We've all seen the taste testing commercials and the focus groups where a bunch of people sit in a room and review a product. The problem with…
John Paul Mains
August 30, 2013

What is Adaptive Web Design?

Have you ever seen those TV commercials for Sonic with the two nerdy guys and then thought to yourself the ad was so lame that you should have gone into advertising just so that you didn't have to endure another one? It has crossed my mind more than once. The…
John Paul Mains
July 4, 2013

What Makes A Great Digital Marketing Plan

Everyone knows its necessary to have a website these days. Some try their hand at social media, maybe create a blog or an online newsletter, but without at least a simple plan, you can't learn what works and what doesn't. You are just wasting your budget.  You have not kept…
John Paul Mains
June 25, 2013

Does Your Website Create Fans?

If you've even been to a party when you didn't know anyone, you know it can be a challenge starting up a conversation without first asking some of the default questions about their job,the weather, similar interests an so on. Websites don't typically ask these questions up front, so how…
John Paul Mains
June 18, 2013
Lead Generation

Blogging’s Impact on B2B Lead Generation

Blogging is a cornerstone for lead generation at successful B2B companies.  Let's face it, unless you have a product used by millions of people, there is only so much fluffy marketing material that can be created. Marketing copy can be updated as often as you like, you can post new…
John Paul Mains
April 23, 2013

How to Know if You’ve Hired a Bad Web Designer

Throughout my 16 years of building websites, I've worked within web agencies, and I've hired many web agencies.  I've heard their pitches and I've fixed their work.  I know intimately how they make money, how they staff, what drives them and why so many are simply not worth what you…
John Paul Mains
March 18, 2013
visitor engagement

Your Underlinks are Showing

What is a quick way of improving bounce rate and site stickiness? Simply underline your links in your web content. In the past I liked the clean look of not underlining but merely changing the color of links. Well, that's not enough. I found that underlining links, at a minimum,…
John Paul Mains
February 23, 2013

Your Website is Not an Etch-A-Sketch

A common practice seen among most organizations serious about the web is a redesign of their website after 2-3 years. Not just a simple change or two, but an entire overhaul of the site. This practice of just shaking up the website and erasing everything doesn't make sense. It takes…
John Paul Mains
February 22, 2013
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