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Building Blocks marketing

Building Blocks to Better Marketing

40 years. The music director at my wife’s high school taught and led band for 40 years before he retired this summer. My wife, who twirled tall flags in the early 1990s for him, and I attended his retirement ceremony this past Saturday. The event was lovely. Hundreds of former…
Nathan Elson
September 4, 2016

Is Church Marketing Too Scary?

Growing up in the deep south in the 70s and 80s there appeared to be no shortage of TV "evangelists" wanting money for something. It was one of the big reasons I refused to go to church at that age. Why did I have to give $100+ to get to…
John Paul Mains
May 10, 2016
content marketing

The Right Way to Win at SEO

So you've finally cracked the content creation issue and you're publishing a couple of new blog posts every week and you have the social media team super busy promoting it all over social channels. You're even making guest appearances on podcasts and blogs, but now months later, you've barely seen…
John Paul Mains
August 17, 2015

The Best Digital Products are Painkillers
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