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A Case Study in Generating Huge Gains in Organic Traffic

Gain in Weekly Organic Traffic
Growth of Mobile Traffic
Growth of 30 Day Visitors

Yes, those percentages are correct. From May 2016 to June 2017, eDocAmerica has been very busy.

eDocAmerica ( was one of the earliest providers of online access to doctors and medical professionals to get medical help.  They started in 2000 and have continued to grow. Their website was redone in 2011 and had remained the same till May 2016. They had regularly published health related blogs to Blogger. But they weren’t getting the leads and traffic they desired. Even though the company had many great customers, they were not widely known with their target market.

Fixing the Issues

The website was all custom code and was tied loosely into their product.  So Click separated the public facing website to a WordPress to make content more manageable and the code more SEO friendly.  The content was migrated from Blogger to the website itself. This had the greatest impact on the overall growth of organic traffic. Public facing content should always be on the same site if possible for ranking purposes and drawing visitors.

The chart shows the growth that eDocAmerica has had over this time period.

eDocAmerica publishes regularly and sends it out to their customers. The content focuses on common health topics that people are searching for answers on.  The blog has been the primary driver for these gains in organic traffic. They are very relevant to their audience, easy to read and very useful. Because of this they have gained good links to the content which has further pushed their content rankings higher.

When you look at the chart, you can see it took many months before they started seeing real results and greater growth. Increases in organic traffic take time and are not overnight. Don’t give up if you aren’t experiencing the results you want in the first few months.

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