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Homee On Demand

Rapid Implementation of Hubspot CRM and Web Design

Weeks to Deliver Hubspot Site
New User Monthly Traffic Growth
Growth in Organic Traffic YOY

Homee on Demand ( is a venture-backed startup in Tampa, Florida focused on helping property managers and homeowners find great contract help on property repairs such as electrical, plumbing and handyman type services.

The Challenge: Deploy New Hubspot Website and CRM in 2 Weeks

Homee was using WordPress as their CMS, but needed a better onboarding experience for prospects and customers.  It was decided that Hubspot would be the best long term solution to meet that need.  Even though WordPress can integrate with Hubspot CRM nicely, the entire team felt that using Hubspot for the website for customer journeys online and in email would be the best solution.  To add to the challenge of launching an entirely new site, Homee was upgrading their brand identity AND they were releasing the new version of their app in just a few weeks, so the website, with all the new branding, needed to be migrated to Hubspot and launched quickly.
Unlike our normal WordPress work, building great websites in Hubspot takes a fair amount of extra work because of all the great integrations with the other Hubspot tools.

Challenge Met

Initially, Click worked to create an SEO content strategy and digital market penetration audit since Homee was going into some very competitive online space.  This helped to narrow the focus and what content was going to be required to reach the desired customers. Each customer coming to the Homee website can take 1 of 3 different journeys to learn more depending on whether they are a direct customer, property manager or a Homee (contractor).
With near daily meetings with the Homee marketing team, we all worked out the required content, the customer journey for each customer and lead flow.  There are several different audiences with very different needs that the content needed to support.
In order to accomplish so much work so fast in Hubspot, all tasks had to be done in parallel.
  1. Image and video creation
  2. Content creation
  3. Page flow for visitor
  4. Custom programming to allow for some unique features
  5. Visitor analytics
  6. CRM integration and lead nurturing
To keep the project lean and on track, there was one person responsible for approving all work on the Homee team. This made getting decisions on direction much easier to manage and change scope quickly on any component.  Fortunately, each of the teams involved were very experienced at what they do.  The greatest challenges we found were around customizations of the CRM lead flow and nailing the user experience.  We knew we’d be making future changes, but we needed an amazing first viable product that would impress visitors and work smoothly.

What is Next?

Well, since launch, they have grown from only a few visitors monthly to over 4,000 a month in new visitors and growing very rapidly.  Using tools like heatmaps and scroll analysis, the teams have been able to identify user experience issues and define new solutions. Homee on Demand is definitely a start-up to watch as they are regularly launching into new cities.
When a new website is launched, it is the starting point, not the end point for digital marketing.  A Visitor Optimization Process should be fully engaged to begin capturing knowledge on who engages with the brand and how to grow sales. This is the key to winning online.  Hubspot provides a great platform for making this happen fortunately but a number of other tools and best practices need to understand how to drive growth rates.
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