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American Integrity Insurance

A Case Study on Improving Google Adwords Performance For Home Insurance

Increase in Conversion Rate
Decrease in Cost per Conversion
Increase in Click-through Rate


American Integrity, a Florida-based home insurer, came to us with the goal of improving their Google AdWords campaign.  American Integrity was unhappy with the performance of their previous pay per click management company and believed the performance of their AdWords campaigns had lots of room for improvement.

American Integrity’s goal was to get quality ads in front of people searching in Google for home insurance in Florida.  And then to capture lead information from that traffic via a lead form and phone call tracking.

The prior pay per click management company owned the AdWords account, so we were not able to get access to the existing AdWords account, but American Integrity was able to provide us with some monthly reports that we were able to use as historical data for research and comparison purposes.

What We Found

The monthly reports that American Integrity was receiving from their previous PPC management company were incoherent, massive excel spreadsheets full of raw data.  So our first action taken was to create a custom report template so we could report the AdWords data to American Integrity in a clean, easy to read style so they could quickly digest the monthly AdWords data and make budget and business decisions based on that data.

We dove into the data from those old monthly reports, and we found the following historical information from the first half of 2015:

Clickthrough rate 1.2%
Average cost per click $26
Conversion rate 13%
Cost/conversion $204

The above data were the benchmarks that we set out to beat.


Succeeding with Google Ads

After the AIICFL team made the monthly report template, our next step was to set up custom landing pages, complete with lead form tracking and phone call tracking.  This extensive conversion tracking technology allowed American Integrity to track every single lead they received from Ads so they could know exactly how profitable Google Ads was for their business.

After the landing pages were created, we dove into the Ads account and set up up three new campaigns.  Each campaign targeted a different location in Florida, and the locations were Pensacola, Clay County, and Gainesville.

Each campaign was set up in a very granular way with only a handful of keywords in each ad group.  This granular approach is time-intensive, but it ensures that the ad shown in Google will match the keyword searched.  And when your ad matches the keyword searched, you achieve relevance, which is the most important word in the world of Google Ads.  With relevance, you can achieve a high clickthrough rate, a high-quality score, a high Ad Rank, show up in a higher position than your competition, and get the most clicks and conversions possible for your budget.

We did extensive keyword research and set up ad groups for all the various ways people search Google for home instance in Florida.  In all, we found over 120 extremely specific and relevant keywords to target.

We also made use of all the relevant ad extensions like sitelinks, callouts, and the call extension.  This is also a time-intensive process, but using these ad extensions can increase the keyword quality score.

And finally, we added over 200 negative keywords to each campaign to ensure that the traffic quality was as strong as possible right from the start of the campaign.

Then we launched the campaigns and managed them on a weekly basis for the next two months.

The Results of Google Ads Optimization

American Integrity’s goal was to get leads from people in Florida searching for home insurance in Google, and also to achieve better performance than they had with their previous pay per click management company.  And that’s exactly what we did.

After a month of trial and error, we determined that the Gainesville market was going to be too tough to perform well in, and we decided that American Integrity’s budget was going to be best spent in the Pensacola and Clay County markets where we were achieved outstanding performance in the first month.  So we made the collective decision to paused the Gainesville ads and focus on Clay County and Pensacola.  And that decision turned out great.

Here are the two-month results we achieved in Pensacola and Clay County, and those results compared with what the previous PPC management company had done in the first half of the year:

Category Results Previous Manager Comparison
Clickthrough rate 2.1% 1.2% 75%
Average cost per click $24 $26 -7.7%
Conversion rate 30% 13% 130.8%
Cost/conversion $81 $204 -60.3%

Over the course of two months, we improved the clickthrough rate by 75%.  This high clickthrough rate shows that our ads achieved relevance, and this high clickthrough rate helped us get strong keyword quality scores.

We decreased the cost per click by about 8%.  And we increased the conversion rate by over 130%.  This huge jump in conversion rate made each click that American Integrity paid for much more valuable to their business.

And finally, we lowered the cost per conversion (which is the cost for each lead) by over 60%, from $204 to $81.  This made each lead from AdWords much more profitable for American Integrity, since each lead cost 60% less.

Is Google Ads Worth It For Insurance Leads?

Google Ads is a tremendous marketing tool and hands down the absolute best form of marketing that exists.  You get to put your ads in front of the user at the exact moment that they’re actively searching for the exact product or service that you sell.  And you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and goes to your website.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  And this marketing process, which works extremely well, is why Google is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and still growing by nearly 20% a year.

However, as the above case study shows, Google Ads requires diligent and dedicated ongoing management to ensure that you achieve the best performance possible.

If you have an existing AdWords account, give us a call and we’ll be happy to review and audit your account for free and find opportunities for improvement. And if you’re new to AdWords we’d love to set up a great AdWords account for you and start bringing targeted, quality traffic to your website.

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