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What You Should Expect
From Ad Nurturing

Ad Nurturing specializes in building awareness and trust of your brand with new customers. As they gain trust in you, they are more likely to click through to your landing page.

What are our phases of building an Ad Nurturing Campaign that works?

It’s obviously more than just putting up a few banners and tweaking negative keywords or interest groups. So just how do we run an Ad Nurturing campaign (and recommend you do as well).

Paid Media Audit (or what is working now?)

This is pretty simple.  If you have a slow site, Google knows it and you will be penalized.  You do need to score well on the Google Speed Test for mobile devices.  The higher the better of course, but you will reach a point where it doesn’t pay off to do more.  Use the GETMO (good enough to move on) principle.

  1. Compress your content using GZ on the webserver.  I can’t believe this isnt on by default for everyone.
  2. Compress your images as much as you can without looking bad.  There are plenty of services to automate this.  Use them.
  3. Avoid plugin bloat (WordPress users) that slow down your site.  Lots of scripts will slow things down.
PPC Audit

Define the Audience

If you aren’t serving up your site via https, then you might as well close down your site.  Most sites are secure these days, but make sure your certificate is valid, don’t let it expire and order one that lasts a long time.  Simple

Create the Story

Soooooo many companies mess up their canonicals.  I’ve seen sites where the canonical tag is pointing to one page that has a canonical pointing back to the other page.  Sigh.  This one is common to mess up.  I’ve seen Google ignore canonicals sometimes when companies really mess it up.

A canonical is basically a tag that tells Google where the original content of the page can be found.  This is useful if you use URL parameters on the page or if you have lots of pages that say the same thing (like landing pages) but only want one to get the SEO credit.  Powerful but easy to mess up.

Ad Nurture Stream

Measure Performance

Google uses a mobile index first for rankings.  So if you test your site for what can be indexed, look at the mobile version of your site. You can identify pages that should not be indexed or should be indexed with a simple tag.  So if you want your page to be included in Google’s search index, be sure to let Google know.

A mistake I’ve seen happen with this when a site is totally updated is someone leaves it as noindex and the entire site disappears from Google search results.  Don’t make that fatal mistake. Yikes.

Tracking Ad Performance

Improve the Story

Your site should follow good HTML structures.  You should have a header, body and footer.  Within the body, you should have H1 first before anything else and not multiple times. This gets followed by H2 and H3 with paragraph and other content in-between. Google looks for good structure to understand the purpose of the page and rank it appropriately.

Make Improvements In the Campaign

Want Help Setting This Up?

We love to coach marketing teams how to use what we learn.  If you want some help learning how to set up Ad Nurturing or someone to simply do it for you, we can help.  Start by filling out the form.  We will get take a quick look at the website, then give you a call to schedule some time.

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