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John Paul Mains

The Importance of Content in SEO

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Have you thought about the "why" behind needing to create blog posts and other forms of content?  Up until the last decade, businesses never had to worry about creating a blog post, much less ranking for anything. The vast majority of marketing teams that I work with on SEO have...
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LinkedIn Algorithm Change

LinkedIn’s Recent Antiviral Algorithm Change: A Shift Towards Quality Content

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John Paul Mains and Ted Jones had an engaging conversation on the Growth Ventures podcast regarding LinkedIn’s recent algorithm changes and its effects on businesses, particularly B2B companies. This shift is geared towards prioritizing quality over virality, thereby fostering an environment that encourages the sharing of insightful and valuable content….

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Is Project Magi Coming For Your Business?

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In a recent conversation between John Paul Mains and Ted Jones, the topic of discussion centered around Google's latest project, Project Magi, which was announced at Google IO. Project Magi aims to revolutionize search functionality by leveraging generative AI, drawing inspiration from the success of chat GPT. The conversation delves...
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Using AI to Grow Your Business

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Is AI good or bad for business growth? At the moment, businesses are reaping the benefits of what generative AI can do.  Even small businesses. So in case you were not aware, did you know you are using AI in your everyday business life?  Google Search and Google Ads is…

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