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NFTs: A New Frontier in Business Loyalty Programs

By July 5, 2023growth, NFT

Today we are dissecting an insightful conversation with John Paul Mains and Ted Jones. They unpack the potential of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as an innovative tool in business growth and loyalty programs. Brace yourself for some interesting revelations and examples featuring popular brands like Starbucks and even the legendary rockstar, Sammy Hagar!


A Deep Dive into NFTs and Loyalty Programs

Let’s begin with a quick catch-up. What are NFTs? In the simplest terms, NFTs are unique digital assets recorded on a blockchain. Now, how can these digital tokens revolutionize loyalty programs? For starters, companies like Starbucks have started using NFTs to reward their loyal customers, integrating these tokens into their already successful loyalty program, ‘Starbucks Odyssey’.

This scheme has witnessed a surge in sign-ups, demonstrating that NFTs have not only found an audience but also serve as a driving force in promoting customer engagement. For instance, Starbucks launched an NFT costing $25 as part of a 48-hour open edition phase of their loyalty program. Surprisingly, they sold about 5500 of these NFTs in the first 24 hours, translating to well over $130,000 in just one day.

Starbucks: Pioneering NFTs in Loyalty Programs

Starbucks Odyssey program is a compelling illustration of gamification and NFTs. Members of this program collect NFT stamps, making the concept of NFTs more digestible to a broader audience. Just like a physical loyalty stamp card, you collect these ‘stamps’, but in this case, it’s done digitally using NFTs.

The notion of collectible digital assets isn’t new. Platforms like Reddit have embraced the concept of digital collectibles for quite some time, even if they’re not big fans of the term ‘NFT’. But by incorporating these digital collectibles into a gamified loyalty system, Starbucks has created a dynamic and engaging customer experience, rewarding their loyal members with 30 days of free coffee and more.

Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri Join the NFT Bandwagon

The use of NFTs isn’t limited to major brands like Starbucks. Rockstar Sammy Hagar and celebrity chef Guy Fieri are using NFTs in their tequila brand, Santo. Unlike Starbucks, they are not selling NFTs but giving them away for free to those who sign up for their loyalty program. The NFTs offer random benefits, ranging from a virtual tequila tasting with Sammy Hagar to a signed guitar, adding a sense of excitement and exclusivity.

This unique approach is more than just a marketing gimmick; it’s a savvy move to capture younger demographics accustomed to the digital world and its perks. This strategy reflects how businesses can utilize NFTs to create an immersive brand experience and build a loyal customer base.

Takeaways for Businesses

NFTs are reshaping loyalty programs and branding strategies. NFTs provide an innovative avenue for businesses to create a digital product that is secure, unique, and easily transferable.

Companies can use NFTs as a new gateway to their loyalty programs, either by selling them like Starbucks or offering them for free like Santo. Furthermore, NFTs allow for an enhanced customer experience that blends digital collectibles with gamification elements, providing customers with a sense of exclusivity and thrill.

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, it’s worth exploring NFTs as a part of your loyalty program. With the right strategy and execution, you can foster a stronger bond with your customers.


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