Google RankBrain and Why It Is Important for SEO

By May 11, 2018SEO

So if you haven’t ever heard of Google RankBrain, I don’t blame you, not a lot of people have.  But if you are going to rank higher in Google search results, you MUST know how it works or your rankings will suffer.

Why does it matter?  Because about 30% of your rankings (at the moment) are dependent on RankBrain.

So I recorded a short 3 minute video to explain how it works (no technical jargon or explanations) so that you can begin making changes to your content starting today.

3 Key Things to Focus on for Google RankBrain

So if you watched the video, you know have the basics of what you need to do.  Focus on 3 things.

  1. Page Titles. Your page title is what appears as the link in Google Search results. Don’t make it spammy, but make it enticing, make it interesting, and make sure it hints at the problem the searcher is trying to solve.
  2. Meta Description. Your page meta description is what shows below the link in Google Search results.  You can put more content here than the title.  It also should be written to convince the searcher to click on your link, that you have the answer they need.
  3. Content Stickiness.  This is the hard one. You have to keep people on your site. Your page title and meta description must match up with the content on the page.  That page must capture the visitor’s attention really fast that you do truly have the answer and that it is worth their time to read further on that page or go to the next page to learn more. Your goal is to keep them engaged and not go anywhere else and you can dig deeper into what is good content on our last blog post.

Now, if you want to dig into a LOT more detail, Brian Dean has a great, in-depth, article on what you need to do. This will be super useful for you content marketers out there.

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