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Research and Insights on Digital Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Growth Hacking and SEO

Lead Generation

The History of Lead Generation

I had an interesting question come to mind recently.  What did businesses do to create awareness before the Internet?  What were the best tools to generate business leads?  Well, I didn't have to dig too far, but here is a (very high level) infographic on the history of lead generation.
John Paul Mains
July 30, 2014
Lead Generation

Solving the Classic Sales vs Marketing Issue

Most organizations have the classic issue where the Sales teams and Marketing teams simply don't get along.  Sales thinks Marketing is sending over lots of low quality leads and Marketing thinks Sales ignores them or that they just keep butting in.  Well, the reality is that they are both right…
John Paul Mains
July 17, 2014

Community College Strategies for Competing with For-Profits

Has anyone seen the latest University of Phoenix UoP commercials?  What is the message?  Get an education at UoP - our graduates are executives in business and we have business partners to help you get to where you want to be.  Colleges like Strayer University, Grand Canyon University are now…
Jeff Roth
May 29, 2014
growth hacking

What is Growth Hacking?

We are definitely not talking about using some kind of gene therapy to help your kids grow up to be great basketball players here.  According to Wikipedia, the definition of growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell…
John Paul Mains
May 13, 2014
Building Homepages that Convert adaptive-web-designWeb Strategy

Building Homepages that Convert

Homepage Changes You Can Make To Increase Conversions If your homepage isn't converting visitors into customers, you are missing out on possible sales. Your homepage is probably the most visited page on your website. For the majority of websites, it typically receives more than 50% of all visitor traffic compared…
John Paul Mains
May 5, 2014
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